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Cantine Ceci Lambrusco

Cantine Ceci were founded by our grandfather Otello, he was a host owner of one of the most famous Taverns of the countryside of Parma. Speaking about him represents a chance and an opportunity to project our history to the future. Everything started in that Restaurant, maybe a little rustic and almost crude for modern parameters, where you could eat the best “trippa” (tripe) in the whole area, thanks to that extraordinary Cook that my grandmother Teresa was! It was there that my grandpa started to proudly pour in customer’s glasses his own Lambrusco made blending the very best grapes from some different estates. Even if our parents (Teresa’s and Otello’s children) Giovanni e Bruno were still very young they started to understand and loving the special charm and atmosphere of Autumn when harvest and crushing take place, also because this was becoming for the whole Village a really special event a fest when everybody was engaged to participate, giving his support to press Otello’s Ceci grapes.

The wine making business became slightly so gratifying and important that, when Otello became old enough to be able to pursue his passions more than the everyday needs, the Tavern business was left. Our Lambrusco tradition was started then and was continuously enhanced but keeping Otello’s philosophy by all the following generations, giving to all the Ceci brothers the love and the passion for vineyards, grapes, for that romantic boiling casks and for the good wine. This love and this philosophy afterwards were embodied, thanks to all the family members contribution, to a precise form: the Ceci’s style. All of us took part of this process: Alessandro, Maria Teresa, Maria Paola, Elisa e Chiara: everyone represents the new soul of Cantine Ceci, everybody gives his contribution, depending his skills and his characteristics  giving a continuous but always renewed, thrust to this legacy. To possibly make an even more steady base for the future members of the family. We are all united agreeing that we have to speak about our territory, producing the very best of his quality and peculiarity, supplying and communicating to the “outer world” the wines that our own fantastic land is able to produce.

Bound to the tradition but always improving at every step: taste, packaging and marketing.

Sample of this continuous work are the many awards received in all the International Guides and Competitions or the outstanding Squared Bottle we are using for our top wines Otellos, a beautiful packaging unique in the whole world. Another sample is the Giuseppe Verdi (the opera Composer

born in Parma 200 years ago) and Terre Verdiane Lambrusco (Land of Verdi) brands that were created and patented in the early 90’, a move that gave to Cantine Ceci, a great commercial push, a momentum that thereafter never ceased.

We proudly consider our as a classic Italian history. A sample of (we hope) the best from our country and region, having feet so well rooted in the territory that we do not are afraid to spread our language to the whole world. An history of men who had ideas, intuitions, visions of the present and future: let us say that such talents, that are part of the best DNA of the people from this area, gave us the strength to succeed in our business and still keep our family tied to this magic formula made of a mixture of hopes, expectations, new projects and optimism that inspire and stimulate our everyday works. They also give us the awareness that we couldn’t live  anywhere else in the world and that this history couldn’t happen anywhere else b ut in the Parma Countryside.