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      Wings Group Ltd                                      uniqueness and quality

IML  Leader mondiale nei sistemi di verifica consistenza legno                                                                                                                IML  World leader in the wood testing system

A better work for a better living

Efficienza, competività e professionalità

Consegnato direttamente a casa tua dal produttore


Efficiency, competitiveness and professionality.

Products are delivered directly where requested.


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  • Watch the video of the new Resi PD series

  • Working speed 5 times faster than other existing Resi
  • Maintenance of the instrument reduced to a minimum (new telescope)
  • Dual graph: needle speed and feed speed 
  • OLED display data and connection to your computer wirelessly (Bluetooth)
  • Strong, light-weighted, long lasting autonomy (battery 18V Li-Ion battery at 3mA)
  • Application of trees, wood poles and other wood structures
  • Lengths ranging from 200mm to 1.000mm
  • IML has been producing for over 30 years and consequently there are a number of older models in use (particularly the F series) which can be upgraded to improve their performance, for example, changing the batteries from 12V to 18V, or installing the new OLED monitor.


Our staff make "service" of your resistograph, sells disposables, spare parts and the optional accessories  (needles, tools, papers, batteries, electonic unit, etc)